Monin Tropical Island Blend


Volume: 700 ml

Kategori: Syrup

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Monin Tropical Island Blend Syrup 700ml

This on-trend blend offers true to nature flavours, appealing to multiple demographics. Easily add hula-inspired, multi-dimensional flavour to iced teas, lemonades, handcrafted sodas and more!

Monin Tropical Island Blend syrup is a combination of tropical fresh fruit flavours including passion fruit, juicy orange and ripe guava. This syrup delivers authentic, and enticing flavour for crafting memorable specialty beverages


Cloudy orange


Passion fruit with other tropical fruits


Sweet mango and passion fruits

Length in mouth

Fruity notes such as guava and pineapple

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip 

MONIN Tropical Island Blend syrup is easy and convenient to mix with any sweet fruits because of its balanced in sweet and sourness notes. I love adding this flavour into a tiki drink to create an exotic touch that customers are looking for. This blend has sweet aroma of the tropics and a spicy, lively flavour.


  • cocktails
  • mocktails
  • tea applications


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