Monin Green Mint Syrup


Volume: 700 ml

Packing Unit: 6 x 700ml/karton

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Bold peppermint coolness and a deep green colour are front and centre in MONIN Green Mint syrup. It’s a refreshing choice for crafting creative drinks like the Frozen Shamrock or a classic Grasshopper.

Choose How You Chill

MONIN Green Mint syrup brings a chilly, minty coolness to smoothies, sodas, cocktails and teas.


Deep emerald green

Tasting Notes

Strong peppermint smell, refreshing mint mouth feel.

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

With its deep green colour, MONIN Green Mint syrup allows you to create amazing layered drinks. I like to mix it with a cordial to reinforce the refreshing feeling.


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