Monin Cinnamon Syrup


Volume: 700 ml

EXP: 21/07/2023

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The distinctive sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon lends rich, warmth to a wide range of recipes. Make the most of MONIN Cinnamon syrup’s bold, versatile flavour in hot, spiced drinks in fall and winter and fruity sangrias in spring and summer.

Stir Up Sweet & Spicy

MONIN Cinnamon syrup mixes the bold taste of cinnamon into coffees, cocoas, ciders and cocktails.


Bright amber.

Tasting Notes

Cinnamon essential oil smell, spicy taste of cinnamon powder with pepper notes.

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

With its powdery taste, MONIN Cinnamon syrup enhances many applications. I particularly like to mix it in blended smoothies with a fresh apple.


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