Milklab Oat Milk


  • Berat Berish: 1 Liter
  • Packing Unit: 8 pack/ karton

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MILKLAB Oat is the new, creamy alternative to dairy.

Our Oat milk is a foodservice exclusive barista milk that textures and stretches with high performance to produce the perfect pour. The performance capabilities of MILKLAB Oat are complemented by a rich, oat-y taste which is delicious with espresso-based coffee.

MILKLAB Oat milk is made with 100% Australian oats which are grown across South-Eastern Australia and Western Australia, where the soil is rich, expansive, and fertile. This is perfect for the growth of nutritious, clean, and delicious tasting oats with balanced taste profiles.

With oat milk production contributing to less land use, water inputs and carbon emissions compared with other milk products, oat milk is also the environmentally sustainable milk choice. MILKLAB colLABorates with environmentally sustainable Australian oat producers who use self-generated renewable energy on-site, contributing to environmentally responsible production processes.


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