Netto: 750 ml



Sauvignon Blanc from the company Tall Horse – a living white wine grapes for which is collected in two stages: the first crop harvested a little earlier than usual to give the wine herbal notes of green pastures, and the second – later to transfer the guilt of full ripe fruit shades .

The emblem of the winery Tall Horse, located in South Africa, is a giraffe Tall Horse, which, according to legend, was presented to the Sultan of Egypt to the King of France as a symbol of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Tall Horse winemakers are many similarities between the giraffe and wine, which is produced at the plant. Grapes for wine farms cultivated in excellent conditions in the region of the Western Cape: Cape on the slopes of the mountains, for the cool sea breeze, a generous showers and hot sun, life-giving wine fantastically expressive in its diversity. Yes, “Tall Horse” – a true citizen of Africa, enclosed in glass fruit sensual safari are thousands of friends around the world.

Jaco Potgieter – Tall Horse winemaker, winemaking considers his true mission, which is to, no matter what, to produce wine of excellent quality vintage exclusively for Vintage. In addition, the most important task for him is respect for nature, minimal intervention in the winemaking process and striving for maximum authenticity. Wine “Tall Horse” full of energy hot African sun and the present spirit of Africa.


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