Monin Toasted Almond Syrup


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Better known as a snack, toasted almond flavours can add a little something special to your favourite drinks. Nutty depth and buttery smoothness makes MONIN Toasted Almond syrup a perfect addition to hot coffees and hot chocolates, also round out the flavour in cold drinks like smoothies and milkshakes.

Nutty And Well-Rounded

MONIN Toasted Almond adds a toasty, nutty finish to coffees, chocolate drinks, smoothies, milkshakes and cocktails.


Light Brown Amber

Tasting Notes

Buttery and nutty

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip
MONIN Toasted Almond syrup is a perfect synergy with coffee based beverages. It enhances the coffee taste with a nutty touch! I also love to add a toasted finish with MONIN Toasted Almond syrup to classic cocktails like Mai Tai or Manhattans, unique combination!


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