Monin Strawberry Syrup


Volume: 700 ml

Packing Unit: 6 x 700ml/karton

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Is it the bright red colour, the sweet juiciness or the familiar aroma that make strawberries so delicious? MONIN Strawberry syrup bottles their celebrated sweetness for your favourite cocktails, mocktails, sodas and teas.

Strawberry Fields Of Flavour

MONIN Strawberry syrup brings a touch of classic sweetness to smoothies, shakes, desserts, sodas and cocktails.


Intense red

Tasting Notes

Rich flavour of fresh strawberries, subtle and creamy taste with a touch of strawberry jam.


Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

MONIN Strawberry syrup is an easy to mix syrup which allows you to create many applications. It fits perfectly with MONIN Frosted Mint or Mojito Mint flavour. Try a Strawberry Mojito and you’ll be amazed by the balance of both flavours.


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