Monin Sangria Mix Syrup


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Spain got it right when they blended various fruits and spices together with some wine and brandy. MONIN Sangria Mix syrup lets you take the time spent mixing and put it into spending time savouring and relaxing.

Sangria Made Simple

MONIN Sangria Mix syrup takes the hard work out of making a superior Sangria and fruit mash.


Red vermillon wine colour.

Tasting Notes

Nose of orange peel and cherry core with spicy notes; fruity taste with citrus and cinnamon notes.

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

As MONIN Sangria Mix syrup is containing cinnamon extract, you can easily use it for coffee preparations as for example a lovely spice latte with MONIN Chocolate sauce or even with MONIN Caramel syrup.


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