Monin Falernum Syrup


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Strike the perfect harmony of mixed spices, zesty lime, and mellow almond, to help you achieve this uniquely tropical taste. Elevate a Mai Tai or Tiki cocktail with a dash of MONIN Falernum syrup, and experience the comforting vanilla and punchy lime complement the other flavours.

Bringing Tiki Back
MONIN Falernum syrup puts a tropical twist in lattes, Tiki drinks, Mai Tais, and other exotic cocktails.


Cloudy white, slightly yellow

Tasting notes

Nose: Lime zest and almond with spices
Attack: Lime zest
Length in mouth: Vanilla and spices

Beverage Innovation Director’s Tip

I really like using MONIN Falernum syrup in cocktails but I also find it fascinating in hot chocolates and lattes. It makes really delicious Christmas drinks with a fresh touch of lime, without curdling the milk!


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