Izy Blackforest Powder


Brand: IZY

Varian: Blackforest

Packing unit: 10 x 1Kg/karton

Berat bersih: 1 Kg

EXP: 03/08/2023

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Izy Blackforest adalah powder instan rasa Blackforest yang mudah untuk disajikan.

– Ingredients:
Sugar, Non-Diary Creamer, cocoa powder, salt, flavoring, coloring

– Serving Suggestion:
* Iced Drink
Dissolve 40-50 gr of mix into 4 fl oz (120ml) of hot water, pour over 12 fl oz (360ml) cup fill of ice to chill

*Hot Drink
Dissolve 40-50gr of mix into 10 fl oz (300ml) hot water

*Ice Blended
Add 4 fl oz (120ml) of milk or water, 40-50gr of mix and a 12 fl oz (360ml) cup full of ice into blender. Blend for 30 second or until smooth.


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