Champagne Montaubret Brut Blue Label


Country: France

Volume: 750 ml

ABV: 12%

Packing: 12 bottles/ carton

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Sweetness varies from very dry to medium-sweet. They are light and easy to drink, yet balanced with a delicate acidity. Excellent all-round wines for socialising and buffets, or to accompany vegetable and fish dishes.
Sparkling wines and Champagnes are ideal for toasting, as aperitifs, for socialising or for serving throughout a meal.

Sparkling wines made using the traditional method are served well-chilled, at 8–12°C. Fresh, crisp sparkling wines are served slightly cooler, at 6–8°C.

A sparkling wine stopper will keep the bubbles in the bottle for several days, as long as the bottle is stored in the fridge. The fuller the bottle, the longer the bubbles will last.

Using a gel cooler stored in the freezer, you can chill a bottle from room temperature to the perfect serving temperature in about 20 minutes. In a large cooler or bucket filled with ice cubes and water, you can chill a bottle in 15 minutes.


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