Package Dimensions 23 x 17 x 11 cm
Allergen Information Contains: Sulphites
Weight 500 Grams
Country of origin Italy
Alcohol Content 11 % Vol
Brand Bottega
Vintage NV
Manufacturer/Producer Bottega


Try a little piece of Gold! Bottega Prosecco Gold 200ml Characteristic, fruity with scents of golden apple, Williams pear, acacia flowers and lily of the valley Bottega Gold is a Prosecco Doc Brut sparkling wine, obtained by the vinification in white of the Glera grapes, grown in the Valdobbiadene hills. This area is close to the Venetian Prealps and characterized by a climate perfect for this native variety of grape. The vineyards are located on a hilly territory that not only has a landscape of great value but also a long wine-growing tradition.

These grapes are hand picked and softly pressed in the winery.

The must obtained is maintained in stainless steel containers at low temperature to keep its freshness.

It follows the fermentation in autoclave for nearly 40 days, at a controlled temperature of 14-15° C, with the addition of selected yeasts (Charmat method).

The golden bottle protects the wine by any source of light, preserving its aroma and freshness thus giving the wine a longer life.


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