Dark Choco Banana




Dark Choco Banana

Originated from Bali, La Granola is the best meal for your healthy lifestyle. The tasty mixture of rolled oats, cashew, grated coconut, and Balinese brown sugar makes the low-cholesterol meal sweet and savory. Topped with chunky snake fruit, dried banan, sunflower seed & chia seed, your energy booster just gets more refreshing. Serve it with bowl of milk, mix it with yoghurt, or create whole new meal, La Granola is the best recipe to start your active morning or for a quick afternoon snack.

Fun Ways To Eat Granola
– Cereal : pour milk onto a bowl of La Granola for Breakfast
– Yoghurt : Sprinkle La Granola onto yoghurts for a new energy
– Dessert : Blend La Granola and dessert for a sweet time
– Snack : Frozen it up for a quick bite of La Granola Bar

Rolled Oats, Snake Fruit, Dried Banana, Cashew, Grated Coconut, Sunflower Seed, Chia Seed, Balinese Brown Sugar

Ada 5 varian rasa :
* nutella banana
* dark choco banana
* ginger pineapple
* cinnamon raisin
* muesli


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